Welcome to AUM 🙂

This program is designed to help you let go and move from things/beliefs/situations that are no longer serving you a purpose and are in fact holding you back. And what makes this program different is that the meditations give you different kinds of ways and techniques to work on yourself – some will resonate more with you than the others. Use those techniques even after the program for whatever hurdles you face in life.

That is the idea of AUM – you get the tools to be centred at all times. For some of you visual will work better, for some breath would, for some of you incidences would work better. I will be taking you through all these things one day at a time.

Also, as a note, please feel free to email me in case you want a certain aspect to be dealt with – I shall make sure it is put in the program as and when I can.

This is for you – so please do not hesitate to let me know which way you would want to move from here!

Today, we begin with gratitude and acceptance of our current being – the most fundamental principle to move or bring about any shift in yourself!

So here goes!

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Free Yourself

Whether you are a dancer or a non dancer, we dance out mind, our emotions and our instincts!
Free yourself online dance classes frees the body and nourishes the soul.
Curated by @aastha.gulati these classes are designed for you to experience a real sense of joy and release any negative emotions/baggage.
It is like a meditation for the body and the liberation of stored up energy! If you keen on joining this please comment below or DM @aastha.gulati @dhuriispace @connect_with_ruh

Friday @ 07:30PM

Nervousness & Anxiety

Ever felt that what you want to express often backfires?
People misunderstand your intent?
What you want to say comes out differently than what you expected?
You prepare well but on the D-day you somehow become numb or screw up?
Then this course is for you 🙂

Techniques used for working with overcoming this expression barrier –
Refoldering the subconscious mind
Souls love technique
Inner child healing
Awareness talks
Visitations and metaphors to work with building confidence

What Will I Learn?

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Spiritual Parenting

Join us for this workshop recording to get an insight into
– How our parents shape our decision on parenting
– How to assist your child in tapping his or her potential
– Communication to the child and the Language of Love
– a brief intro into Indigo , Crystal and New Consciousness children

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Free Healing Consultation

As we go deeper in this time of self restrain and quarantine, one would be going through multiple phases!

Being overly #anxious, having fatigue, finding a #balance, getting angry or irritated, too #optimistic or too pessimistic! Or getting the feeling of #calm before the storm!

One needs to remember that there’s no right or wrong, to each their own the #emotions are surfacing. Not being able to move and be out could be another factor of this pented up energy stored in your body!

These times could be really testing and we @connect_with_ruh want you to know that we are there!
We care!

We are starting with everyday first cum first basis 3 free consultations!
You could gift this to your loved ones: friends or family members whom you could think could use this extra support during these times!

On Request


7 Chakra activation program

Our 7 major chakras are our pillars of evolution, growth and health.
When these are active and allow a free flow of energy, the body’s immune system improves, energy levels improve and there is a harmonious flow in and around us.

One of the ways to keep them active is through specific chakra exercises and movements and souls love statements , which when done regularly help us stay in a space of flow.

7 Chakra Activation program is a module that consists of guided exercises, dance movements and meditations for the major chakra which you can keep and follow from your homes too 🙂

How we recommend you use this course?

1. Each chakra takes about 7-15mins depending on what all are you doing
2. For the first week, you can do just the exercises and meditation – one day per chakra. For instance, Monday is root chakra, tue is sacral chakra and so on.
3. In the second week, add your dance movements to this too. Again, one chakra per day
4. If through any of these days, you feel intuitively that you want to spend more time doing one particular chakra, please honour that and continue doing that chakra till you feel okay to move on
5. Once you finish two cycles of this at least, give yourself one day where you can do all 7 chakras in one day. For this, music is also given to you for the chakras so you can play and move in flow.
6. You can make this a daily ritual – its an excellent way to ground the chakra energy into our day to day lives

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We all at some point of time been intrigued by the pendulum and how does it work.
We have you covered!😊 We have curated an online course enabling you to learn :
– Understanding about the 7 chakra
– How to identify which chakra is less active and accordingly align it.
-7 Chakra dance exercises (limited time period offer)
-Using pendulum for readings -Assessing the effects of your thought and emotions on the Chakras
-Designing affirmations and statements for resolution

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Redikall Yoga

We are pleased to announce Batches for Redikall Yoga!!!!

Your thoughts have a great influence on your minor chakras and eventually on your body tissues.
Stiffness of the body can be correlated to your thoughts in your mind which further has relation with certain chakra specific themes.

Giving a stretch to various body parts while reciting the affirmations could be highly therapeutic, relaxing as well as enlightening.
We are going to do some unique body stretches along with reciting affirmations followed by a progressive relaxation session.

Each day, we start off with different areas of the body till we are fluent with the flow after which we do full body stretches and further variations in it.

This is open to anyone and everyone as the stretches are not so intense.
However, in case of medical conditions, please consult your physician 😊

22nd - 30th Jul 2021

A 4 day online certification course on the Art of Thinking Right – working with over 250 minor and major Chakras.

Our Energy body is live and intelligent. It knows how to keep healthy and vibrant and provides us with warning signals if there is any disruption or blockage.

We are trained to look at the physical body and address its needs rather than look at our energetic systems to provide them what they need for perfect health.

This two day workshop is here to help you understand the connect between your physical and energy body and how through thought patterns and beliefs, there can be a shift in the way your body functions.

30th Jul - 2nd Aug 2021

Pursuit of Life

This workshop is a blend of awareness, experience sharing and a proposal on how to live through our pursuits in life in the best possible manner!
What will we be talking about?
– Eastern and Western philosophy on Happiness
– Happy Hormones and how to align to life plan with them
– Love and our perspective of it
– Are desires wrong?
– Success and why its often unsuccessful
– Money : Energy or Resource?
– Detachment and Indifference
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A workshop which explores the Shift that planet Earth is witnessing from 2012 to 2029 and what it means for all of us.

What will be covered :
– crystalline DNA theories
– love consciousness
– experiments and conclusions regarding this shift
– what can we do in this time?
Please join the course if this is something that you feel is happening and you resonate with it too 🙂

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Redikall Crystalline Mind


Charcoal and diamond share the same base element, and that is Carbon.

The difference between the diamond and the charcoal is …

The arrangement and placement of the molecules of the essential element ‘Carbon’.

A scattered arrangement of the molecules in charcoal tends to absorb light and remain amorphous.

Organised molecules of diamond radiate light, makes it radiant, compact and tough.

Though as of now, a charcoal cannot be converted into a diamond, the mind can certainly be transformed from a Charcoal mindset to Crystalline/Diamond Mindset.

Are you ready for the transformation?

A day full of understanding how to transition from a charcoal mindset to a crystalline one, using the R5 technique to break patterns and understanding the foundation to work with Chakras in the subsequent Essential Redikall course 🙂

Benefits of workshop:

– Gain insights into Theory of Mind and how the sub conscious mind works

– Learning the in-depth meaning of R5 and how it works

– Practising healing self and others

– Working on ailments, anxiety, fears and clarity on goals

– Support and mentoring


Please call +91 9167435558 or email us at to register 🙂. Early birds and group discounts available 

30th-31st Jan 2021
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