Rūḥ – The Retreat

A holistic wellness retreat in the wilderness.

The Vision :

In the fast-paced world of today, it’s easy to succumb to norms of society and wander away from who you are. If you’ve been feeling lost without direction and are looking for an avenue to become whole with yourself again, this 4-day spiritual transformation retreat is just what you need. This holistic wellness programme is designed to help you grow in yourself, bring about awareness and help you move to a more superconscious space of being. Away from the chaos of the city, this is an experience you need, you owe it to yourself.

Who is it for? :

Anyone and everyone willing to work on understanding their body and consciousness better – Movers and trainers of the body and mind (dancers, yoga practitioners, artists, creators and fitness enthusiasts) – Holistic healers and practitioners – Anyone and everyone wanting to break patterns, gain access to the super conscious and understand collective consciousness
Please reach out to us on 9167435558 #wellness #holistichealing #retreat #residentialprogram #meditation #chakras #qigong #elements #ayurveda #byebye2019 #detox

We use the body, we use music and we use our impulses – but with awareness, with mindfulness, with a sense of our polarities. And in turn we heal memories, we understand chakra balancing, we make peace with our body and we explore new ways of being and moving.

Ruh has traveled to Los Angeles once and Edinburgh twice in the past year and had two chapters in India as well

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