Redikall Mentorship Program


Every day is a new opportunity to make your life better. You have done all that you knew so far, now get more guidance from your superconscious mind to make a positive difference in your life. We will systematically mentor you and show you how you can connect to your inner intelligence for healing, solutions, guidance, and directions. We have made it very simple and easy for you.

We know you are capable of helping yourself. All you need is expert guidance and consistent assistance. We recommend you do that in 5 important steps!

  1. Recognize who you are with your true potentials
  2. Raise your consciousness to envisage a bigger picture
  3. Understand your role-play and subtle mind game creating some of the inconsistencies and challenges
  4. Bring in inner resolution with awareness
  5. Allow the resultant shift in your life through a major shift in your thought and attitude.

Redikall Mentoring inspires you to

  • Adopt a  lifestyle that inspires you to think right.
  • Convert all challenges and roadblocks into a stepping stone.
  • Discover the brilliance in every situation.

What are the benefits of the Redikall Mentorship Program?

We believe, that you have all your answers, solutions and guidance available through your subconscious mind. Our mentors assist you in getting in touch with your inherent potential to solve your problems, overcome your difficulties and raise your awareness to understand how you systematically participated in the problem creation and how you can systematically undo what has been done in the past.

By undergoing the mentoring process for one-three months, you gain several benefits over and above the resolution of your prime issue.

  1. Calm mind
  2. Relaxed body
  3. Enhanced awareness
  4. Improved problem solving capacity
  5. Greater insights and clarity in decision making and action plan
  6. Relief from discomfort
  7. Improvement in health, relationships and professional life with spiritual insights.

Mentors Guide you in three steps:

  1. Gaining neutrality towards the challenges
  2. Recognizing and replacing unhealthy beliefs, thoughts and emotional patterns which created the problems
  3. Gaining guidance from your Subconscious and Superconscious Mind
  4. Inferring and decoding the metaphorical guidance to make it applicable
  5. Refining your approach towards problem resolution through greater insights and awareness

What Kind of challenges can I address under mentorship program?

If you have health, relationship, financial or attitude related issues, you can positively benefit from the program. However, you do not necessarily need challenges, difficulties or problems to undergo Redikall Mentorship Program. Many people may join the mentorship program for

  • Personal and spiritual growth,
  • Higher awareness and consciousness;
  • Getting a better perspective of your life, life plan, and life purpose.
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Health benefit
  • Professional and personal growth
  • Simply to restore peace, happiness  and joy

What would be your prime objective for joining the mentorship program?

These are fixed with appointment and we take upto 3 mentees over one month.

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