Redikall Crystalline Mind

A TRANSFORMATIVE ONE DAY CERTIFIED WORKSHOP on understanding yourself and life much better 🙂

Redikall Crystalline Mind – A one day certification workshop

Charcoal and diamond share the same base element, and that is Carbon.

The difference between the diamond and the charcoal is …

The arrangement and placement of the molecules of the essential element ‘Carbon’.

A scattered arrangement of the molecules in charcoal tends to absorb light and remain amorphous.   

Organised molecules of diamond radiate light, makes it radiant, compact and tough.

Though as of now, a charcoal cannot be converted into a diamond, the mind can certainly be transformed from a Charcoal mindset to Crystalline/Diamond Mindset. 

Are you ready for the transformation?

A day full of understanding how to transition from a charcoal mindset to a crystalline one, using the R5 technique to break patterns and understanding the foundation to work with Chakras in the subsequent Essential Redikall course 🙂

Benefits of workshop:

  • Gain insights into Theory of Mind and how the sub conscious mind works
  • Learning the in-depth meaning of R5 and how it works
  • Practising healing self and others
  • Working on ailments, anxiety, fears and clarity on goals
  • Support and mentoring

Takeaways :

  • Understanding the sub conscious mind
  • How to re-folder past associations
  • Resolve and understand relationships, money, self and the body
  • Tap into the super conscious mind for clarity of action
  • How to use the R5 code effectively for self and others

Take time out to be a part of this transformative workshop 🙂 it’s a self-empowerment tool like no other!

If you are irritated with every rub, how will your mirror be polished?
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