Chakra Revival

This course takes you through the 7 Major Chakras – week by week, step by step and thought by thought

From the Root to the Crown, from stability to spiritual alignment, from grounding to oneness – your 7 Chakras are your cycle of life and evolution. Mastering them and moving to the next level is a sure way of keeping life smooth, simple and effortless.

We encourage you, guide you and support you to work on each chakra on a weekly basis, starting from your root chakra. We give you the guidelines, online support through chat lines, WhatsApp based assistance, relevant guided meditation to be practiced for chakra enhancement, Right breathing exercises, physical exercises, yoga exercises and dance steps to be practiced on your own. You will need at least 1 hour a day for self-help practices directed by us. You will also avail online group guidance, healing guidance and support from a group of experts

Chakra revival happens online, so you don’t need to be around to take this up.

We announce this once every 6 months.

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