Rising Point

This is an International Academy of Life conceptualised workshop which is conducted by a certified IAOL trainer.

A Workshop on Meditation Techniques & Spiritual Insights “You cannot solve the problems at the level you created them.” – Albert Einstein In order to find a path through the intriguing maze of life we need to rise above the mundane and have a bird’s eye view of our life. 

This can be done by rising in your consciousness with regular practice of meditation and better understanding of the metaphysical world. The beginning could happen with a 1 day workshop, ‘Rising Point’ conceptualized by ‘International Academy of Life’. ‘Rising Point’ is a signature workshop of the organization, which has helped a lot of people to look at their lives with a different perspective and make positive changes in their lives. 


  • Interplay between our conscious/subconscious mind and metaphysical world
  • Management of blocks of conscious mind which needs to be conquered to live our highest possible potential
  • Energy Management and Energy Enhancement 
  • Principles of Karma 
  • Earth Meditation 
  • Higher Self Meditation 
  • Relationship Healing Meditation 
  • Breathing Techniques for Managing your Emotional Charge 
  • Relaxation Techniques  

Duration: Full Day (9:00 am to 6:00 pm)

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