Aura Chakras

We are all surrounded by an Auric/Energy space in and around us which affects our day to day functioning – from our health to our moods and even to our levels of efficiency and focus.

Our Energy body is alive and intelligent – it knows how to keep healthy and vibrant and provides us with warning signals in case of some blockages or issues.

This workshop is here to help you understand the bridge between the physical/energy body with your thoughts and beliefs which can in turn shift your physical body and reality.

Agenda for workshop:

  • The difference between chakras and aura
  • The 7 major chakras
  • Food and exercises and thoughts to keep the 7 chakras aligned
  • Affirmation designing and healing through chakras


  • Equips you to keep you 7 Chakras aligned and balanced which reduces health issues, anger bursts and fatigue levels.

Duration: 3 hours

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