Power is You

Power is You” is an experience to live your entire life in these 2 hours. It uses music and varying moods of the body to experience joy, peace, hurt, anger, betrayal, wisdom and the ultimate power that lies within each one of us. Just think back and its really easy to see that the most beautiful of our experiences in life were when we didn’t “know in advance” what was going to happen.

When we entered school, we didn’t know what we’ll experience. When we became teenagers, we didn’t know who all we will meet and what all we’ll get to see. When we joined our work places, we didn’t know what kind of projects and seniors we will get.

We didn’t know and yet we experienced. We just went with the flow and learnt the beauty of life.

In the same way…words will take away the beauty of this experience and so..don’t question, don’t doubt, don’t wonder..just walk in…take this time out for yourself and find out for yourself what each one of you holds within.


  • A sense of completeness, self – empowerment and responsibility. Instils faith and contentment in self and releases any negativity towards the external environment.

Duration: 2 hours

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