What is me-time? Is it that one hour we look forward to daily? Is it the “Thank goodness; we got a break now,” syndrome? Or is it much more? Let us see. 

Me time, essentially, is the time we spend with ourselves. Yes, I agree that there does exist a huge inexhaustible resource of information on the internet that talks about me-time and self-care, the need to invest time in self, etc. But do they really satiate the need? 

Well, personally speaking, I have also followed all those tips, but somewhere I also realized that it never fulfilled me. There was something that I missed – a sense of fulfillment, contentment, liberation… I cannot pinpoint. All I can say is that I experienced void.

Even though I followed routines and meditated, I still found a lack. I never got that energy I craved for. The experience that was meant to be a recharging and rejuvenating experience, in fact, led to a sense of discontentment and dissatisfaction. I felt exhausted and fatigued. I experienced burnout. 

Doing yoga and meditating regularly meant to replenish and nourish you, is it not? Alas, it did not work for me. Why did it happen? Where did I go wrong? 

Before I go into that aspect and my discoveries, let tell you the different me-times.

Me-time as an Escape Mechanism 

Oh, yes! Many of us do that. We schedule a time for ourselves to run away from something or someone. You might also do that to reject something/someone, or even self or certain aspects of self. In the process, it comes back to you.

When we try to use the self-care routine as an escape mechanism, we are trying to avoid something that we do not want to face. However, since the focus is more on the “need for avoiding”, ultimately, we come across that. We will not be able to escape that scenario. 

When I took a closer look at it, I realized that I was trying to create something from the void. My need for “me-time” arose from my disappointment that others were not nourishing me. It was more like forcibly trying to please myself. 

I was not doing it out to take care of myself or spend quality time with myself. But it was to take revenge on others – what we can mention as passive-aggressiveness. In such cases, falling sick also becomes a me-time. There will be a constant need to keep attracting some discomforts in the body or in relationships so that we can be with ourselves.

In both the aforementioned cases, the aftermath is the same state where you started. And, that is not what me-time is all about. 

So, what can we do?

Commit to self. Be with yourself. Every moment of our life can be easily transformed into me time. We do not need a getaway or a spa to enjoy time with ourselves. I am not telling those things are wrong. However, if we go somewhere or indulge in self-care to avoid or reject or escape something, we are not being in integrity with the intent of having me-time. 

Instead, look within and create the best out of every moment. Transform every moment into me moment by consciously being present in that moment. Right from sipping a cup of coffee to cooking delicious food to washing the clothes to painting, anything and everything can be transformed into a self-care, rejuvenating me-time. 

All we need is to be generous and mindfully be present in this moment. 

Do everything from a sense of abundance, not from a sense of void. Because what you sow, so you reap. 

Start now! We are in the driving seats of our lives. And, our subconscious exactly knows where we need to go. Just tune into the GPS, and we will be at the destination easily and effortlessly.

Why not make the most of every moment of life just as Aatman says, “Life is easy, effortless, and a lot of fun.”

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