Online 7-Chakra Pendulum Dowsing

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We all at some point of time been been intrigued by the pendulum and how does it work.
We have you covered!😊 We have curated an online course enabling you to learn :
– Understanding about the 7 chakra
– How to identify which chakra is less active and accordingly align it.
-7 Chakra dance exercises (limited time period offer)
-Using pendulum for readings -Assessing the effects of your thought and emotions on the Chakras
-Designing affirmations and statements for resolution

Topics for this course

13 Lessons01h 29m 23s

Dowsing Syllabus

Introduction to Facilitator2:33
Introduction to Redikall Curriculum00:03:30
Auras and Chakra00:04:05
Nadis and Duality00:04:53
Root Chakra00:11:37
Sacral Chakra00:09:51
Solar Plexus00:13:42
Heart Chakra00:9:39
Throat Chakra00:08:33
Third Eye Chakra00:07:00
Crown Chakra00:04:07
Programming Pendulum00:04:06

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  • Having a Pendulum for the course is recommended.
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